A preaching course that works with your schedule…

All preachers understand the importance of the sermon.  As we stand to face the congregation and step up to speak, we recognize the weighty significance of the task before us.  We are speaking a word on behalf of something greater than us, and we know it isn’t because we are worthy, it is because we are called to give a unique message only we can give.  

When all eyes are on you…

Preaching can be daunting for an experienced preacher and absolutely terrifying for a novice.  If we have the humility to recognize we are not worthy, self-doubt can begin to plague us.  These insecurities themselves can detract from the message.  This fear coupled, with the balancing act of the week before that perhaps encroached on our time of preparation, can cause well-meaning, goodhearted preachers to lack confidence and self-sabotage their preaching efforts starting the cycle of doubt over again for a new week.  Wouldn’t you like to break this cycle?

What would you do if there were a class where you could learn effective and efficient tools for sermon preparation and delivery–a course in preaching you could take at your own pace and at a time convenient for you?  EQUIPOnline is that course.  A ten session course that teaches you the basics of sermon preparation from start to finish.  You will learn how to develop a sermon that is theologically sound, biblically strong, and takes the hearer into consideration during the preparation process.  You will also learn a way to maximize your time for the most efficient and effective process for sermon preparation. 

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