Courses & Pricing

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All courses are offered online and at your own pace.

10 Session Complete Course

Recommended course for all who are seeking to learn about the craft of preaching. The cost for this course is $325, which includes most materials.


Topics Covered in 10 Session Course include

  • aiming for excellence
  • knowing your audience
  • starting with a scripture
  • when you speak about God
  • putting it together
  • the path of the sermon
  • a game of give and take
  • continual learning

5 Session Basic Course

In this course, the student will get a basic understanding of sermon preparation. The cost for the basic course is $200, which includes most materials.


5 Session Basic Course–This course starts with the basics of “aiming for excellence,” “starting with a scripture,” “putting it together,” and “the path of the sermon.”

5 Session Advanced Course

This course allows the student to build on the skills offered in the basic course. It is also for experienced preachers to hone their preaching skills. The cost for the Advanced Course is $200, which includes most materials.


5 Session Advanced Course–This course covers “knowing your audience,” “when you speak about God,””a game of give and take,” “continual learning,” and an additional lesson “preaching during a crisis or for a funeral.”  

Preaching Practicum

This is for those who would like feedback or critique on a sermon you have given. There is a requirement that you submit a written manuscript or outline, and a 15-20 minute sermon on video. This is included in the 10-session Full Course. The cost for the preaching practicum is $30.