Links to articles on preaching

Preaching in Cross-Racial/Cross-Cultural Ministry  by Rev. Moonyoung Lee

It’s surprising to discover that the majority of United Methodist congregations in the U.S. continues to be predominantly Anglo-centric despite the fact that our society is becoming increasingly multicultural. Moreover, the lack of diversity isn’t only limited to the UMC, but pervades through different denominations. Per Multiracial Congregations Project, only 8% of Christian churches in the nation…(more)

9 Things Preachers Should Never Say by Charlie Reeb

Preaching is challenging. When someone suggested to Winston Churchill that he ought to put his oratorical skills to use as a preacher, he replied, “I am not such a fool as to think that I could speak to essentially the same people about the same subject each week and keep their attention.” Indeed.  The preacher’s job is tough enough as it is without…(more)

Preaching to the Polarized by Tom Berlin

(From 2016, but good for any year!)  As the election year continues, pastors will want to speak to important issues that will present themselves in political debates, interviews, and statements to the press. This year in particular we have seen numerous moments when both political parties have provided opportunities for sermons that almost write themselves. Pastors should be aware…(more)