Rev. Lance Ashmore

I would highly recommend the EQUIP class as taught by Reverend Doctor Sonja Tobey. As a pastor for almost six years, I thought I knew almost everything about the fundamentals of preaching. After attending her class, I discovered there was much more I could learn. Rev. Dr. Tobey demonstrated she is very knowledgeable in the area of preaching.

ln seminary my primary focus for preaching was content. ln the EQUIP class, I learned the importance of delivery, understanding one’s audience and finding a balance between delivering God’s word and sharing of one’s self. I was continuously impressed with the lessons she taught. My congregation noticed an improvement in my sermon delivery after the first few sessions of class.

I continue to utilize the feedback I was given by Rev. Dr. Tobey. With that being said, I would not only recommend the EQUIP class for laity, I would also recommend the class for Local Licensed Pastors, Provisional clergy, and Ordained clergy as well. – Rev. Lance Ashmore, Pastor, Buffalo/Ft. Supply United Methodist Churches

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