I highly recommend this class. Dr. Sonja Tobey does an outstanding job of teaching the techniques and skills necessary to be an effective and authentic preacher. –Layla Freeman, Laity

Equip is for anyone interested in understanding what is involved in preparing and presenting sermons.  But, it is also useful in understanding and improving Bible study, teaching Sunday school, or just being a better leader in their church.  — Jack Donathan, Laity

I am a Certified Lay Speaker and just finished the Part Time Local Pastor’s Academy. This class was very beneficial in helping me be more confident as I fill the pulpit, and strive to serve our local churches. –Tasha Hollopeter, Local Pastor

Words have power. In a 10-20 minute sermon, every word counts. We want our sermons to transform lives and make disciples of Jesus Christ. This class helps you to take your message and make it relevant in the lives of Christians today. Very good class and you will enjoy it! –Gerald Steele, Laity, Broken Arrow

I found out about this class a few minutes after the Course began, so I missed the first session. I had just been assigned as the supply pastor for my church as our pastor accepted another position as chaplain in a large hospital. I had assisted that pastor for 16 months, and our prior pastor for 19 years, but when preparing my first few sermons I realized I knew nothing. I truly believe this course was a God-send for me. The timing was incredible and the understanding and information it has given me has been crucial to my sermons. It has given me a thirst to continue my learning and has helped equip me to continue to grow. –Debbie Biehler, Local Pastor

As Director of Lay servant ministries training I have heard again and again of the desire to learn more about how to preach. Many have heard the call to fill the pulpit but feel lacking in the skills to deliver a sermon.

The Equip class taught by Rev. Dr. Sonja Tobey is an excellent resource to learn the art of preaching. I did not realize the many facets involved in preaching a sermon. Rev. Tobey uses her gift of teaching and love of preaching to give the student practical ways to orchestrate a sermon. 

The textbooks offered in this class were an informative and interesting resource. The reading and writing assignments helped me learn to process and express my thoughts and ideas.

The guest preacher presenting a sermon each class was always a highlight and a way of showing us by example.  I highly recommend this Equip class to anyone desiring to  become more effective in preaching. –Toni Hignight, Local Pastor (former District Lay Servant Director)

As a retired teacher, I remember attending many seminars and training to improve my skills.  I always wanted useful, practical help and ideas from those classes; something I could definitely use on Monday morning.  This class definitely gave me a bunch of wonderful ideas that I can and will use on any Sunday morning! –Cheryl Long, Lay Servant Director